If you think you’re paying too much tax and would like a long-term relationship with a trusted accountant then our accounting practice is ideal for you. We can proactively provide you with proven strategies for both tax minimisation and increased after tax cash flow.

O’Brien & Co service clients Australia wide from Parafield Airport; we not only prepare financials and tax returns but also provide strategic tax advice to professionals, executives, business owners, medical professionals, UK expats and investors all around Australia as well as providing services to non-residents holding various Australian Investments. For more details, contact us.

Property Investment

At O’Brien & Co we have the expertise to assist in a variety of areas in relation to both residential and commercial properties and there are quite a few issues that need to be considered before proceeding. For more details, contact us.


We can help you to deal with your accounting requirements by using technology in the cloud. This saves time and allows you to concentrate more on what’s truly essential for your business. Remain focused on your future by using this up-to-date financial data to understand your current and future business risks and opportunity. For more details, contact us.


Thousands of claims are reported in Australia every month. With the help of various structures, including companies, trusts, and self-managed super funds, these can help to protect your business and personal assets. For more details, contact us.

Accounting & Taxation

We can help you to identify your various deductions to minimize your tax obligations as well as working with you to implement various tax strategies for the future. O’Brien & Co can advise individuals, sole traders, partnerships, companies, trusts and SMSFs in relation to both tax and accounting issues. For more details, contact us.

Tax Planning Strategies

Effective tax planning, can assist with your cash flow requirements and potentially reduce future tax liabilities, including Capital Gains Tax by reviewing your current financial position as well as taking into account future plans. For more details, contact us.


Our firm is a taxation and accounting service operating in Parafield Airport, north of Adelaide in South Australia.

O'Brien & Co services clients both nationally and overseas and offers a unique quality of service not only in tax and accounting matters but also business advice and other related services.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail and are focused on offering a quality service to our clients in all areas of taxation and accounting matters.

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November 14, 2017

What the proposed housing-based super contribution initiatives offer

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, the government has finally put to Parliament its draft legislation around two of its schemes. The proposed schemes, the First Home Super Saver and Contributing the proceeds of downsizing to superannuation,

September 23, 2017

Tax Deductions

Here are some deductions that many commonly believe are claimable, but are typically rejected by the Tax Office. However, while the Tax Office may reject the following in the first instance, taxpayers who believe they have a ‘reasonably arguable position’ should consult our office for more advice. Driver’s licence Motor vehicle expenses incurred when earning

September 23, 2017

Financial Scams

Scams are designed to trick you into providing either money or personal information. To catch people off guard, scammers use: phone calls, letters, text messages, emails, bogus websites and job advertisements Scammers can be very believable and sometimes quote your personal information such as your address, phone number and date of birth to sound authentic.